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In school fundraising, the supporters and volunteers are often the student’s parents. They want to help, but they also appreciate getting value. Here at Best School Fundraising we selected the best value programs for schools so you don’t have to waste time sorting it all out.
Not all fundraising products are created equal. Not because it’s a fundraiser, it means that products need to be of mediocre quality. Here you’ll find only high-quality, top-rated brands.
You’ve decided on the product that you want to sell to raise funds, great! You need a company that can deliver all the products you sold in a timely manner. School fundraising is seasonal, and during peak seasons, unfortunately, some manufacturers get overwhelmed, which can mean an unsuccessful fundraiser for your school if you don’t choose a reliable program.
School fundraisers generate between 30% & 60% profit, depending on the program and the size of the sale. The overall profit your school will make depends on the level of commitment and effort the organizing committee and the volunteers put into the campaign. But you also want to increase the potential by choosing a fundraising item that gives you a good profit so that you can reach your goals faster.
School fundraising programs involve many moving parts! Depending on the one you choose, it will include tasks like ordering brochures, setting up an online store, completing tallies, calculating profits, packing orders per student, setting up bulk deliveries at the school, among others. You need a company that offers support to make sure all those steps happen seamlessly.


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Best School Fundraising volunteer program is a way for people to give their time, skills, and hearts in support of our mission of delivering the abundance all around us to those in need.


Quick & Easy Fundraisers

These fundraisers are easy because you can simply pay online for the product you want to sell to raise funds. Also, these are proven, high-quality and low-cost programs that you can sell year-round.

Online Fundraisers – Ship to Home Fundraising Programs

The pandemic brought challenges for fundraising groups who were used to traditional fundraising solutions. But did you know that there are Ship to Home programs that allow you to run your fundraiser 100% online from the beginning to the end?

No Upfront Cost Fundraisers

Want a risk-free option? Fundraising Brochures are the way to go. They’re also known as Order Takers, because you take the orders BEFORE having to spend any money. That way, you’ll only buy what you know is sold and your committee can know in advance how much profit the fundraiser will make. We curated the most successful programs, so you don’t waste time looking for options. On our shop you’ll find only high-quality brands like Otis Spunkmeyer

The All-time Favorite Fundraiser

Katydids candy has been a staple in fundraising for more than 70 years. Once your supporters try them, they always come back for more.




Plan Your Fundraiser Properly

We can give you all the easy brochure fundraising ideas in the world… However, with out a proven plan you will not reach your goal. So, the key to a successful fundraiser starts with planning. Just like the old saying goes, “First plan your work and then work your plan.”It comes down to this. Either, we plan to succeed or plan to fail. So, please make sure you are taking the time to plan your brochure fundraising program. This can be a little overwhelming at times. So, if you have any questions or want some free coaching, then please reach out to us at 800-645-6550.In the meanwhile, enjoy this free fundraising checklist.

12 Best Practices for Your Fundraising Drive

  • First, set up a leadership team to take the lead in planning your event.
  • In addition, assign responsibilities to each team member.
  • Do you also have all of the authorization you need to get started?
  • Line up as many volunteers as you can because everyone is to help your cause.
  • So, set attainable goals that will motivate your group to action.
  • What is your fundraising marketing plan?
  • How will you use social media, and also videos and pictures to get the word out?
  • Remember, in addition to reach out to past alumni.
  • So, please schedule a free coaching call with a fundraising expert.
  • Furthermore, select the perfect fundraising brochure for your group.
  • Set up rules to ensure your students stay safe.
  • Finally, get the younger youths excited about learning and pitching in.

12 Key Points of Running a Profitable and Easy Product Fundraiser

The success of your fundraiser will often depend on your choice of supplier. Therefore, it is important to pick a supplier that will provide you with all the selling materials and customer support to make your event a success. In addition to that, your attention to the details will certainly make a difference. We have over 50 years of experience – you will be in good hands.

How to Make your Fundraiser a Great Success

  1. So, whether you are running an elementary school, high school group, cheerleader, sports team or any other non-profit group fundraiser you must be able to count on your volunteers and helpers.
  2. Next, set a start and end date for your event.
  3. Remember to also order enough brochures for every member of your school or group.
  4. Send the parent letters we design for you home with the students.
  5. Explain to your students how the prize program works.
  6. In addition, offer a special incentive for the class that sells the most fundraising merchandise.
  7. Make sure you also count all your brochures & prize program sheets upon receipt.
  8. Give yourself a few days after the fundraiser ends to pick up those late orders that will trickle in.
  9. Immediately upon receiving your shipment, inspect the order in full.
  10. Furthermore, keep in close contact with your representative.
  11. Additionally, teach your students to explain what the group is raising money for.
  12. Finally, add our number to your cell phone if you need to discuss your fundraiser – it is 800-645-6550

Please keep this one thing in mind when choosing a fundraising vendor to work with. Not all fundraiser companies are created equal.

No business is perfect. However, there are some things to look for when selecting the right fundraising company to help your school, gymnastics team, daycare center or non-profit organization.Pick the wrong vendor and your reputation suffers. For example, if your customers buy poor quality products from you, then they will not be willing to purchase from your fundraising organization again.Read more tips on putting on the best fundraiser for your school or youth group here.

Run your Fundraiser with a qualified company with experience – Review These Reasons Below:

  • What kind of reputation does the company have?
  • How long have they been in the fundraising business?
  • Do they give you references to check out the company for yourself?
  • Are there customer testimonials for you to read?
  • Do they sell high quality products that they stand behind?
  • Are the products they sell things that people like to buy?
  • Do they give you an extra incentive to help you sell more product?
  • Are there any hidden fees you will have to pay for?

3 Easy Steps for Fundraising

Sign up and Lock in Your Incentives

  • Review our Line of Brochures.
  • You also get to choose free prizes or cash back.
  • Take advantage of our incentives.
  • Confirm timing of your fundraiser.
  • Finally, pick the program that’s right for your group.

Promote your Fundraiser

  • Promote your easy fundraiser with social media posts, photos and video too.
  • Inform participants exactly what fundraiser is for.
  • In addition, you can email friends and family to help support your cause.
  • You can also now sell online using our gift catalogs.
  • Finally, you can create your own unique marketing ideas (we can help.)

Sell, Sell, Sell and Collect Orders

  • We have over a dozen profitable fundraiser brochures.
  • Parents; bring brochures to your office.
  • Leaders keep tabs on the progress of participants too.
  • Collect all orders and also please keep the money in a safe place.
  • Finally mail, email or call in your orders – we also tally for free.


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Our Story

The team behind BestSchoolFundraisingIdeas has been working in the fundraising industry for more than 20 years.

But we’re also parents, coaches and members of multiple communities and we know that school fundraising is fundamental for children and young people in our communities to have better opportunities in their development. We also know that teachers, coaches, parents, and other youth leaders work very hard to raise funds, and frequently lack the support they need.

We created BestSchoolFundraisingIdeas to help school leaders find a reliable fundraising program that suits their needs. Thanks to our decades of experience, we’re able to curate only the best programs to help schools make the right choices for their fundraising needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve schools at the highest level so that they can reach and exceed their fundraising goals.

Trying to find the best available programs online is not an easy task for school leaders, so our team is dedicated to remove all the guess work by recommending only proven fundraising programs.

Service, service, service! Schools are our expertise and our priority, and we’re committed to provide them with the best possible fundraising experience.

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Catherine High School Dance Team, West Viginia

I will order again and again! I was most impressed by the polite, genuinely friendly phone representative.

Lori Elementary School, Arizona

Thanks soooo much for all you do! I've purchased many tubs of cookie dough from my relatives and neighbors and I know how wonderful your products are! Thanks for giving the kiddos a great product to sell and earn money at the same time! It's soooo different from the junk other companies try to get kids to sell for fundraisers! NICE JOB!

Casey Elementary School, California

Our school does a lot of fundraisers - carnivals, fairs, etc. and they all take a lot of manpower. The cookie dough fundraiser was too easy! I was able to do the majority of organizing myself. Parents loved the product and could easily sell at work and outside our small community. My only problem is I keep getting orders and the sale is over! Our goal was $7,000 and we wound up with $12,000!

Joe Youth Group, Washington

We did very well. We'll be buying more product in the near future! Service was perfect.

 Denise Student Council, Colorado

We sold 2 cases in 3-20 minute sessions! It was fast! Your service was great.

 Carol Private Academy, Illinois

The 8th grade class did very well. I was so surprised to see how quickly we ran out of lollipops! The service was prompt and the product was excellent. The lollipops are unique in size as well as with all the wonderful flavors. When I ordered the 2nd case, everyone knew their favorites!! I plan to order more items from you in the near future for other activities.

 Sister Mary Elementary school, Michigan

The children love your product! I love the results!

Principal Middle School, TX

The team of teachers I work with were nervous about me wanting to order two cases of lollipops. After only one week, we were almost sold out!! They were very thrilled and insisted that I order another case. We received our reorder very fast that our fundraiser continued without any interruptions!! Thanks! We will definitely do this again.


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