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3 Fun & Effective Fundraisers For Elementary Schools

Providing education and other related opportunities is highly expensive. With many schools underfunded, they are left on their own to come up with ideas to raise the necessary funds. If this resonates with you, your elementary school is likely in the same condition, and you need good fundraising ideas. 

As the elementary school age can be the best time for kids to start learning and practicing critical skills like teamwork, goal setting, creativity, etc., our elementary school fundraiser ideas focus on offering children the best opportunities to learn and grow. 

Cookie Dough Fundraiser 

One of the most popular online product fundraisers is cookie dough fundraising. Even if this elementary school fundraising program might look simple, it comes packed with a multitude of benefits, mainly: 

  • Provides supporters with a quality product they can enjoy for helping your elementary school 
  • It is a great way to raise a considerable amount of money for your elementary school 
  • There are no upfront costs for your school. You only pay for what you have already sold 
  • If you reach a certain number of orders, shipping is free 

Cookie dough fundraisers have been a hit for several years now because you can create an experience that everyone involved will enjoy. In addition to pre-selling cookie dough, there are also other ways you can implement this fundraising program: 

  • Have all the members of your volunteer group bake cookies at their homes, which can then be sold in a bake sale hosted at the school or in any other high-traffic area 
  • Set up bake sales at different events, like high school basketball games, neighborhood carnivals, churches, etc. 
  • Find an industrial kitchen, say at a local restaurant or church; the owners of the place must be willing to donate the use of their space for a day. This way, you can plan for a cookie-baking event, where you can invite everyone who has purchased cookie dough to participate. People will enjoy baking together as a large group. 

Chocolate Bar Fundraiser 

The chocolate bar fundraiser is another simple yet popular and profitable fundraiser program for elementary schools. This fundraiser program appeals to a wide range of people of all ages. More importantly, this fundraiser is simple, straightforward, and inexpensive. Buying and selling chocolate bars requires no explanation, and supporters are often willing to spend $1 or $2 to help schools raise money. 

You can start by choosing a chocolate bar fundraising program. $2 bar programs can raise more money selling fewer bars, but $1 bar programs are still popular. Chocolatiers are also a proven, high quality option.  

After your selection, you will soon be ready to start selling! The next step is as simple as providing your volunteers a box of chocolate bars and having them sell it; the more they sell, the higher your profit will be. 

Magazine Fundraiser 

A great way to encourage children to read is a magazine fundraiser. Children that see magazines and other literature around the house are more prone to read themselves. People buying magazines from a newsstand is a daily event, but few know that they can save money by subscribing to the same magazine online while helping your school raise the funds that it needs. Through a magazine fundraiser readers can save more than 50% by subscribing on the school magazine store compared to purchasing individual copies at the store. With such excellent benefits, a magazine fundraiser will be a hit in your community, and you will raise funds in no time. 

Here is how it works: 

  • Register on to get your online store setup 
  • Share the link to your store with students, parents, teachers, and the community by email and social media. 
  • Based on the number of volunteers, order enough catalogs for magazine subscriptions (if you want parents to have physical information). 
  • Ask parents, teachers, and volunteers to share the school’s online Magazine store with their friends, encouraging them to support your school. 
  • Your school will make a profit of 40% of sales. 

These top elementary school fundraising ideas are not just fun but highly effective as well, and when done right, they will turn your school’s fundraising efforts into a success!  


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