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Now that Choir-singing has resumed, leaders needing to raise money face difficult decisions, including continuing important activities while keeping overall safety in mind.   

For many people,Best Choir Fundraising Ideas is an integral part of their lives. Therefore, choirs in some communities have been allowed to continue rehearsing while performing all over again. New rules and regulations could imply an entirely new set of needs for choir singing. It also means coming up with new, innovative choir fundraising ideas that will work perfectly with COVID-19 restrictions.  

Why is Choir Fundraising Needed? 

Often, Choirs are in desperate need of new equipment.  You should know that most choir groups are known to serve underprivileged groups and funds raised through the event can upgrade the electronics or network of your choir group.  

Innovative Choir Fundraising Ideas following COVID-19

Here are some fun and easy-to-implement choir fundraising ideas that will help in keeping your supporters motivated:

#Opt for an Online Product Fundraiser

Product fundraisers tend to be one of the easiest ways of raising ample money. The process can become even more accessible and seamless with a dedicated online store. There are several handy online options for several top-selling products. To promote it, you can share the link on different social media networks while inviting family and friends to buy good-quality products right from their devices.

The great thing about Online fundraisers is that you can get started right away and have no money to handle! Some online fundraising programs include kitchen items, nuts & snacks, chocolate, and gift items. All this is delivered directly to the homes of your supporters. 

Once your store is set up, your job is to promote it and encourage parents, supporters, and volunteers to buy! 


Crowdfunding campaigns have successfully collected more than several billions of dollars for several causes all around the globe. This funding process makes it immensely simpler for supporters to give the desired donation. Several online platforms offer access to user-friendly ways for you to share your story and ask for donations. It is also possible to post photographs and videos. 

#Candle Fundraiser

Amidst the troubling days we are witnessing, we can all settle for some positivity and warmth. You can look forward to offering your supporters a motivating candle fundraiser. It is one of the most sought-after choir fundraising ideas. 

You can think of promoting fragrant and themed candles for the event. You can also come across candles that promote uplifting quotes to add positivity. Church choirs and other religious singing groups can opt for the Journey of Faith fundraiser. These candles depict beautifully written, inspiring words.   

candle fundraiser is great for schools because they require no upfront money. Candles last a long time, and when people light them up, they will think of your school! 

#Gourmet Coffee Fundraiser  

Most people continue working from home during the pandemic, and some have stopped picking up their favorite cup of coffee every morning! You can now offer your supporters delicious and fresh coffee with the help of a carefully selected coffee collection. 

Supporters can choose between multiple delicious blends. Your students will receive an order-taker they can bring home; you can also share PDF links with the parents or send them a text or email for the respective selections. Some programs will also offer you the option to sell online, which means you have no money to handle. Promote your sale and receive a check at the end! Here again, no money upfront to pay.

#Online Auction 

You can ask local businesses in your area to donate experiences or items. Then, provide your supporters with a dedicated window through which they can place the respective bids. Donors can post the same on the Facebook page of the choir group. You can also think of using other online auction platforms.  

It is important to note that it can be pretty challenging for several businesses following the, pandemic, especially restaurants. Therefore, you can adjust how you ask for donations from such companies. 

There are several fun-filled and fruitful choir fundraising ideas for your Choir. Based on your objectives, you can get valuable recommendations from reliable fundraising companies. All the best!


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