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Candle Fundraising to Light Up Your School 

Are you in need of ideas for your next fundraiser activity for your school and you don’t know what to sell? Perhaps, food and baking goods are too risky and exhausting to make? Then, a candle fundraiser might be for you. is a great idea and why you should do it. 

Benefits of Scented Candles  

Scented candles are a must nowadays because they provide instant relaxation to busy individuals who want to unwind after a long day. Indeed, something is soothing about finally having an uninterrupted time for yourself where you light up a scented candle, open a book, and sip your favorite warm drink.  

Scented candles quickly turn around a home’s mood in no time. It’s perfect for parents who have been doing chores all day long, for students who want to relax and focus while studying, and for teachers who want to chill after a full day of teaching. 

Candles as Fundraisers 

Scented candles are easy to store because they don’t have a short shelf life. At around $15 to $20 each, they are affordable, and they provide every household with excellent value for money.  

Since scented candles are easy to sell, they are a great fundraising idea. Scented candles offer high profit at attractive pricing, and they sell pretty quickly! Almost everyone will consider buying, especially because there’s a vast collection to choose from.  

Logistics and storage are uncomplicated and straightforward for scented candles since there are no temperature requirements for shipping them. And they aren’t too big or bulky. 

Heritage Candles Fundraiser 

Heritage Candles is a family-owned company passionate about candle-making and connecting with customers. These are the best candles for fundraisers due to their high quality and the profit your group can make from selling them.  

Heritage Candles offer long-burning and all-natural wax candles in the most eye-pleasing jars. They make for incredible decorations at home.  

Every candle is handcrafted and premium blended so that the scents last for more than 60 hours. Some candles also come in individual gift boxes, perfect for gifting. 

There are many scents to choose from, ensuring that there is a perfect candle for whatever mood you’re in. Some crowd favorites are Hot Apple Pie, Butter Cookies, Cinnamon Apple, and Pumpkin Spice Pie. 

How It Works 

Doing a school candle fundraiser is easy. It involves no risk since there’s no money requirement at the beginning. Since you are doing a fundraiser, the best programs help achieve your group’s goals by eliminating all upfront costs.  

You collect orders from students, parents, and teachers involved in your school’s fundraising activity. You then forward the orders gathered, and we ship them directly to you while you already enjoy the 40% of the profits raised. By following this trusted method, there will be no extra inventory to deal with, and there is no pressure to sell at a loss. 


Candle fundraisers are successful for schools because candles are easy to sell, and parents like them. They also offer a good profit while keeping an attractive selling price. 

It is also easy to start because this fundraiser requires no upfront money. With Heritage Candles, you’ll be selling a premium product that guarantees significant profits. 


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