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Fundraising with lollipops 

Fundraising with lollipops is a popular way for schools, but also for other non-profit organizations, to raise money for their organization, cause, or event. Two of the main reasons for this program’s popularity is because lollipops are less expensive and easy to sell, and not to forget, kids and adults alike love them! 

Lollipops fundraisers for schools involve selling the tasty little treats to raise money for school events or to fund an essential expenditure like buying school supplies or equipment, funding for a school trip, etc. 

To raise money with lollipop fundraising, you can follow two methods – sell the lollipops at a specific price, or hand out lollipops in exchange for a donation. If you choose the latter, the donation amount will vary based on individuals’ interests and preferences. 

As one of the most popular school fundraising products, many companies, including some major ones, sell them at wholesale prices for schools and other non-profits to be able to make a profit and fund their needs.  

Many online platforms sell fundraising lollipop packs, but you testosterone enanthate half life must choose a reliable company. We recommend gourmet lollipops that offer a wide range of flavors and give a great profit for your group.  

A lollipop fundraiser is a great ideas for schools because… 

They are Profitable 

Lollipops are an incredibly affordable fundraising product, which naturally brings back an excellent return on investment. For instance, you buy your lollipops bundle paying $0.50 for each lollipop; when you sell each for a dollar, you quickly make a 50% profit. 

There’s a lollipop for everyone 

Another prominent factor contributing to the popularity and success of lollipop fundraisers for schools is their availability in different shapes, colors, and flavors. There is something for everyone, from regular fruity flavors to over a dozen wild flavors, like green apple, tangerine, root beer, cherry cola, and more. 

Also, based on your group’s cause, you can choose between different shapes, for example in the shape of a football or a heart. Also, you can find themed lollipops that will sell quickly during various occasions like Valentine’s Day or Halloween.  

Lollipops fundraising is one of the easiest, less expensive, yet most profitable programs for schools. Attracting public interest to your fundraiser is made easy with this fundraiser, and you are most likely to reach your fundraising goal without too much effort.  


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