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Innovative PTA Fundraising Ideas for Your School 

A well-organized PTA can do so many beautiful things for a school. However, many necessary things cost money, and who has time to get involved in complicated fundraisers that parents are not motivated to join? We have some innovative PTA fundraising ideas that will make it possible for people to enjoy supporting your school without feeling it like a chore. 

One of the most challenging parts of launching a fundraiser is rallying volunteers. However, with our list of innovative PTA fundraising ideas, everyone around will enjoy signing up for the event. Whether your kid is attending a small school or a big one, check out the fun-filled ideas and analyze which one works the best for you. 

Top PTA Fundraising Ideas You can Adopt 

Every academic year, schools face a common challenge -raising enough money to improve the education quality of students. It is pretty common to keep repeating the same fundraiser year after year; however, the parents involved can get tired of the same old programs. 

So we put together some of the most exciting PTA fundraiser ideas that everyone will adore: 


This option can be a great way to engage students, teachers, parents, and community members. Meet with everyone involved in the fundraiser and do a brainstorming session to come up with a list of items that people in your community will be excited to bid on. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it’s more about the fun!  

Your school can gather auction items by: 

  • Developing a procurement team responsible for asking extended networks directly for donations 
  • Seeking donations in-kind from local businesses or corporate sponsors 
  • Asking every classroom to create as well as compile the auction items. Some examples of items the class can create are themed baskets or any kind of artwork. 

Auctions are excellent fundraising events as people donating will be receiving something in return and everyone will have fun along the way. 


 These events are always a great hit. You can think of spending as much or as little as you are capable of. You can think of renting entire rides or just some bouncy castles and attractive entertainers for the event. You can charge a fee for the event’s entrance ticket, or you can charge a fee for every ride.  


It is a popular fundraising idea for school PTAs, PTOs, and other related school groups for raising the much-needed funds. It delivers a win-win solution for both the fundraising groups and the supporters. As people will contribute to the product fundraisers, they will receive the tangible benefit for themselves -whatever product you will be selling in the event. 

Some of the favorite ideas for product fundraising items include branded merchandise like face masks, travel mugs, and sports apparel.  


If you are bored of organizing the traditional fundraisers featuring lemonade stands and bake sales, crowdfunding can be an innovative idea for your school. Crowdfunding is the process of accepting small-sized donations from larger groups or companies. The amount might even go higher in most cases – starting from as low as $5.  

Crowdfunding is highly versatile. Most crowdfunding events take place online through a dedicated crowdfunding platform. Make sure that the platform that you chose is mobile-responsive, and that it has a user-friendly interface and social sharing functions. A very well-known platform is but do your research, there are many options out there!  


Saving money is something that you can get all parents to be excited about! Coupon books and discount cards are unique fundraising ideas that will give back profitably. In exchange for supporting your school, parents will benefit from discounts at local and nationwide restaurants and stores. Discounts Fundraisers are beneficial for everyone in the community so you can expand your donor base. Parents are especially inclined to offer support for a fundraising product that they can use actively. 

Now that you know some of the most useful PTA fundraising ideas, you can use the right one for your school.  


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