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Smencils Fundraising for Schools 

If you are looking for a non-candy fundraising program for your elementary school, Smencils fundraising is a great alternative. Teachers, coaches, prinicipals, if you are new to this product, Smencils are scented pencils made from 100% recycled newspapers, and they come saturated in different scents that are guaranteed to last two years.  

A Smencils fundraiser is one of those few unique fundraising ideas that work and deliver results. It is now a widely popular, well-established elementary school fundraising product that schools keep ordering year after year. 

A non-food, eco-friendly option 

As mentioned earlier, Smencils (smelly pencils) are scented pencils made from 100% recycled newspaper combined with pleasant gourmet scents. Undoubtedly one of the most fun products to be used in fundraising for schools, Smencils are used each year to raise millions of dollars to pay for everything school-related, from playground equipment to uniforms and more. The product continues to be a hit and you are guaranteed to make profits to use for your school’s needs. 

Why Smencils? 

Why should you choose Smencils as your elementary school fundraising product? Why not something else, like candy bars, lollipops, cookie dough, etc.? 

Yes, candy bars, lollipops, cookie dough are all popular and profitable fundraising products. Still, they have been around for several decades now, and to attract an audience to your school’s fundraiser; you need to start thinking outside the box. Smencils work amazingly well for a lot of reasons: 

  • They are unique and exciting. 
  • They contain no sugar or calories! With parents and others becoming more health-conscious, this factor is a crowd-puller. 
  • They don’t need freezer space for storage. 
  • They are helpful daily. 
  • You will have considerably less competition. 
  • They come pre-packed and ready to be sold. 
  • Smencils are available in a wide range of smells, colors, and themes based on the time of the year. Some scents are watermelon, bubble gum, grape, cinnamon, cotton candy, and root beer. 
  • They are environment-friendly. 
  • These scented pencils teach kids the importance and benefits of recycling at an early age. 

Apart from the original Smencils, you can also find themed ones, like sports Smencils, spring Smencils, spooky Smencils, Valentine’s Smencils, Holiday Smencils, and mechanical Smencils. 

How Does It Work? 

  • You can start by choosing a reliable online company that sells wholesale fundraising products, like 
  • Go through the list of all the different Smencils packages available on the website and choose one that you know will appeal to your target crowd at this time of the year. 
  • If you have a school concession stand, you can order one case and start selling right away! 
  • Each case contains 8 buckets; you can order the equivalent of 1 or 2 buckets per participating student. 

From being a fun product to creating environmental awareness, Smencils are a favorite of many, which means your Smencils fundraiser will be a hit among your elementary school community. If you’re not sure if this is the right program for your elementary school, we recommend you have a quick conversation with a fundraising specialist. Call us now (866) 216 2080 and we’ll be glad to help find the right fit for you.  

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