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Virtual Fundraising Ideas For Schools

Virtual fundraising is a rapidly rising phenomenon. A recent acceleration has been significant due to the pandemic and the concerns regarding social distancing. Effective virtual fundraising is the ideal solution for groups raising funds for their school. With several schools shifting to remote learning and a growing number of online groups, virtual fundraising ideas are becoming increasingly popular. The days of door-to-door, cash-centric fundraising events are slowly drifting away. Efficient, easy, and COVID-safe online or virtual fundraising events make the process of supporting your school quite accessible for all. With the power of email and social media, schools can now invite family, friends, school staff members, students, parents, and alumni across the United States to supports their fundraising efforts.  

Check Out the Best Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Schools 

Raising money online is an effective way to ensure profits for your school. Online fundraising allows anyone from any location to provide contributions to the campaign. Supporters can pay online, which means the school does not have to handle money. 

Some online fundraisers for schools also offer to ship products directly to individual homes across the US; that means the school has no products to handle! 

Let us help you understand some of the best virtual fundraising ideas for schools: 

Online Fundraising Stores 

You can set up an online store for your school. It’s as easy as choosing the products you want to sell, personalize it with your school’s logo and share the link with your supporters. Contact us and we’ll set it up for you!   

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising 

 It is a great idea for schools and clubs that wish to make use of the extended social media and personal networks of the students. In the concept of peer-to-peer fundraising, every club, class, or student can create a dedicated fundraising page. Then, they can customize that page with texts, videos, and photographs while sharing the same through email or social media networks.  

A peer-to-peer fundraising event is an excellent way for students to reach out to family members and friends without selling them something. Donors can contribute directly to support the students and help them achieve their fundraising goals. Moreover, students also get the opportunity to tell their personal stories.  

Shoe Drive Fundraiser 

Shoe drive fundraising events help engage students of all age groups. Both faculty and parents can enjoy de-cluttering their homes while donating unwanted shoes for a good cause. While the actual shoe collection happens in person, proper online marketing via social media will help gain the most traction and set up the school fundraising event for success.  

Shoe drive fundraisers are excellent engagement tools for students. They help teach teens and children the importance of philanthropy while instilling them with a sense of responsibility. Moreover, you can quickly accelerate the overall engagement by converting it into a friendly competition between students and their respective classmates.  

There are several innovative ideas for virtual school fundraising campaigns. We can help you choose the best option based on the objective of your fundraising campaign and number of participants. Call us at (866) 216-2080 


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