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Cookie Dough Fundraising: A Profitable Fundraising Idea for Schools 

Remember when you were a kid, the smell of fresh cookies baking in your mom or grandma’s oven made you stop everything you were doing and wait for them to finish baking?! Yes, that’s the impact cookies have on people, which is why cookie dough fundraising brings great profit for schools. 

Cookie dough fundraisers are popular in schools but if you haven’t run one, you might not know how to go about it. 

You might wonder, do you ask students, parents, and other volunteers to prepare batches of cookie dough in their kitchen, package them, and sell them in the school’s fundraising event? Well, that’s one way to do it! But, there is a better and more profitable way


Instead of having all the members of the fundraiser baking batches to sell. You can do a pre-sell, or what is known as a brochure fundraiser, where you use free brochures to pre-sell cookies to all interested supporters. 

An additional benefit of this type of fundraiser is that your school doesn’t need to have a budget to get started because there are no upfront costs involved.  

Here is how it works:

Your school’s fundraising volunteers will sell to friends, family, and other supporters by showing them cookie dough brochures and taking orders. The brochures usually come with an order form (usually on the back), where volunteers would write the name of the person ordering the cookie dough, their choice of flavors, and the number of tubs/boxes/packets on each chosen flavor. When friends and family place an order with the students, they pay for the order right away.

Once the sale period ends, all the sellers give their order forms to the fundraising coordinator, and he or she will add all orders into one bulk order called the ‘tally.


Cookie dough fundraising programs typically work on a scale profit structure; meaning the more cookie dough your students manage to sell, the more profit/money your fundraising cause can make.

Depending on the brand chosen, your profit can range anywhere between 25% to 55% based on the number of cookie dough cases or tubs sold

For instance, if your volunteers manage to sell (pre-sell) around 25 tubs of cookie dough, your fundraiser could earn a 25% profit from the sale. If they work to sell 200 tubs of the same, your profit will automatically increase to 45%.

Again, the profit margins vary based on the company/brand of cookie dough you choose. With many brands offering a wide array of flavors for buyers to choose from, you should be able to make a nice profit easily.

And since you won’t pay anything until your volunteers sell something, this is no-risk-involved fundraising. No wonder why it is so popular

How Cookie Dough Fundraising Works 

The process is straightforward, and we will guide you through each step to make sure that your fundraiser is a great success.

  • Enter your contact information, address, and the number of brochures you need based on the number of students that will participate.
  • Enter your contact information, address, and the number of brochures you need based on the number of students that will participate.
  • We recommend that you also download our free guidebook which includes information about the best Cookie Dough programs that you can review with your students and parents.
  • Money is collected by the students at the time they take an order from their friends and family. Those funds will be used to pay for the cookie dough order later. 
  • Based on the number of packages sold, your fundraiser can earn up to a 55% profit.
  • After your order is placed with us, we will ship the cookie dough boxes, which will then be delivered to your customers by the respective volunteers. 

Any fundraising idea is good, as it helps raise money for a good cause. Cookie dough fundraising helps raise funds and puts a smile on people’s faces because who doesn’t love cookies?!


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